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Write On: A Screenwriting Podcast

Jun 10, 2021

Showrunner Bruce Miller talks to Write On about what he looks for in a successful staff writer: "Being a staff writer, you have to be able to write, you have to be able to re-write based on notes, and you have to be able to contribute in the room… You want to develop a way to be in the room that's comfortable for you because the most important thing in the room is not talking; it's listening." 
He goes on to discuss the complexities of the show’s main character, June (played by Elisabeth Moss): "I don't know if I want people to cheer for [June]; I want them to understand her and kind of understand her point of view… the fact is, she's gone through a trauma that we can barely fathom… the road through trauma and back is very, very long, very difficult, and different for everybody."
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