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Write On: A Screenwriting Podcast

Apr 27, 2021

Moisés Zamora, creator of Netflix's Selena: The Series about the legendary singer, talks to guest host Lee Jessup about why it was important for this show to have a writers room primarily made up of Mexican American voices. "All of the writers I hired [for Selena] were Latinx because it was important for the storytelling… and within that Latinx monolith, there's a lot of diversity, and so I was really proud to be able to cultivate those sort of relationships with those writers and getting to know them and realizing there's so many more stories to tell, from the Latin American, Indigenous, Afro-Latinx point of view."
Moisés takes us through his varied writing career, starting with writing novels in Spanish, working in advertising and marketing, to landing his first TV job on American Crime. "I don't think writing is, in any form, wasted. So if a pilot doesn't give you the results that you wanted, it doesn't matter! It just starts developing a layer of talent on top of another layer of talent, and without that pilot, maybe it doesn't lead to another project, so keep your mind open to always growing."
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