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Write On: A Screenwriting Podcast

Mar 7, 2022

Winner of the Robert Altman Award at the Film Independent Spirit Awards, Mass is the story of the aftermath of a violent tragedy that affects the lives of two couples in different ways. Writer-Director Fran Kranz talks to Write On about his inspiration for the film: "It was the day of the Parkland shooting, where I got so overwhelmed. You know, this sounds like a strange thing to say, but there was a kind of timing to it, sort of a perfect timing of a vulnerability where I was just kind of a freaked out dad... feeling anxieties and concerns and fears that I had never felt before… and worried about the kind of country and things that she [my daughter] was going to growing up into. So I went down kind of a rabbit hole that started just mostly because I was sort of this concerned parent."

Fran goes on to talk about his writing process, or lack of one: "I don't really have a process yet, necessarily. I wish I could just like go to a Starbucks and write. I have to, like, disappear, like I have to really go deep and I try to get up before dawn, like before the sun is up so that I'm ready to go... I need as much on my side as possible to get these emotions going."

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