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Write On: A Screenwriting Podcast

Dec 16, 2021

In this special 2-part episode of Write On we talk to Flatbush Misdemeanors staff writer and co-writer of Hip Hop Family Christmas Saeed Crumpler about going from rapper to screenwriter: "I had to make a change; I always loved film, and I just went back to school. I took $5,000, invested it in myself, took a UCLA online writing course… and I came out of there with two specs and an original pilot, and that original pilot is the one that's getting me jobs." 
Saeed goes on to talk about collaborating with other writers: "When you're co-writing, you go through so many drafts, so many polishes. We worked so well together that I don't remember [who wrote what]. To me, when you're writing with a partner, it should feel like that, where at the end of the day it becomes a cohesive thing."
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