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Write On: A Screenwriting Podcast

Oct 15, 2021

Sera talks about the latest season of the hit Netflix series starring Penn Badgley as the obsessive and murderous Joe Goldberg: "We [gave] ourselves total permission to go in a new direction. This is not one of those premises that you can repeat in the same way for more than one season. We knew when we were making season one, we will never be able to tell exactly this kind of story again because now the viewers are onto us, and this show is only really fun if it's surprising, so we're forced to step outside of the previous box every time."
Sera goes on to talk about how she goes out building a writers’ room: "I really like building a room where people come from dramatically different writing backgrounds… I think of the Tetris as being about finding people who are interesting and different and have really different points of view about the world, and then put them all together because they're going to have a really rich discussion about this subject matter."
The third season of You is now streaming on Netflix.
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