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Write On: A Screenwriting Podcast

Dec 10, 2021

Kelly is a development executive turned writer and author of ‘The Executive Chair: A Writer’s Guide to TV Series Development.’ She spoke to Write On about her decision to leave the executive world after 30 years and pursue her passion: "[Writing] was my own little private secret; I'd go home, and I'd write, and I'd enjoy the little worlds that I'd create and the short stories that I would write and the scripts that I would write, but I wasn't really actively pursuing it."
Kelly goes on to discuss what she learned as an exec and how it can be applied to the work: "It's really not about the concept. You need material that shows how good of a writer you are and how deep a thinker you are and how emotive you can be on a page… if you can be as honest and authentic and as deep and as rich with your characters as you possibly can, people will respond to that."
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