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Write On: A Screenwriting Podcast

May 25, 2021

Pete Goldfinger is no stranger to the Saw franchise, having previously penned Jigsaw about the eponymous villain of the series. He talks to Write On about servicing the fanbase and what it’s like to craft the set pieces the franchise is known for. "We always do the traps last… even though that's often the featured thing that you'll see in the trailers, mostly what we try to do, in our dreams, is more of a Usual Suspects kind of whodunit-y suspense sort of thing."
Pete also delves into his own writing process and rituals. "Every Monday when I'm working on a project, no matter what, I read the entire project from the beginning. You might find new things that inspire you, that will help you, and then you're always on top of everything so you know what you're writing about."
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