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Write On: A Screenwriting Podcast

Mar 4, 2021

Mike Jones speaks to Write On host Phil Galasso about the unique process of writing for Pixar, and how he, Pete Doctor and Kemp Powers collaborated on Soul. “It was a great, kind of fantastic partnership because it's hard to force partnerships, and Kemp [Powers] was so open and willing and also so honest and so forthright with what he believed the script should be or what he believed, in particular, the character of Joe needed to be. That was just great to have his… confident voice alongside us.”
Mike discusses his journey to becoming a screenwriter and how it wasn’t straightforward. “I did not grow up wanting to be a storyteller. I grew up loving story; I grew up with a dad who loved movies… and I grew up with a love of that kind of visual storytelling. But I grew up in south Texas, and that wasn't an option - being a screenwriter or working in the movies. It wasn't an option; it was like another world to me.”
Soul is available to stream on Disney+.
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