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Write On: A Screenwriting Podcast

Dec 29, 2021

In this special 2-part episode of Write On we talk to Flatbush Misdemeanors staff writer and co-writer of Hip Hop Family Christmas Saeed Crumpler about his career transition from rapper to screenwriter: "Coming from music, I used to look at each song as a ball of clay that had to be sculpted. I look at scripts the same way, even more so. I feel like you get even more time to make it better. I feel like in music, you only have a certain amount of time but with screenwriting, you have a lot of time to make it better, so why not make it better?"
Saeed gives advice for how to make your screenplay the best it can possibly be: "Get [notes] early and often. To me, the sooner you can get notes on something, the better because then you don't get attached to it… if you wrote something in a month, and somebody gives you notes, it's like, 'All right, cool.' But if you've been working on it for six months or a year, then it's way more personal." 
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