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Write On: A Screenwriting Podcast

Jul 13, 2021

Navot talks writing the explosive female-driven action-thriller starring Karen Gillan and Carla Gugino: "When you strip down this [assassin] genre… it's got this rich history of this hitman following this code and laws of the underworld… but, like in all of these movies, there's always someone innocent introduced into this equation that puts our hero into a dilemma: do I keep the code, or do I go with my heart?"
Navot talks about his process with his writing partner Ehud Lavski and how a screenplay is never a fixed object. "A script is a living thing, and you have to be aware of it every step of the way… the worst thing you can do is be fixated on something, and I have to compliment my writing partner [Ehud Lavski], who is always on his toes, always thinking, and once I have an idea, we just jump at it."
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