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Write On: A Screenwriting Podcast

May 27, 2021

Write On talks with legendary TV writer Marta Kauffmann about the highly anticipated Friends reunion and what makes the show still resonate today. "I think these characters [are] incredibly loveable, and you'd love to hang out with them and have a beer with them and invite them into your home. The show is kind of warm and cozy, and I don't know that that goes out of style."
Marta also talks about her approach to showrunning and how to get the best out of writers. "The best way to lead is by collaborating, and as a showrunner, I feel like one of my jobs is I'm like the camp mom where everybody in the production camp are my campers; they're my kids, and I have a responsibility to make sure that they are happy doing this job. I work really hard for a happy crew."
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